Leasing Information

The Dime Store comprises three spaces. Please see the floor plan for the first floor above.

The two retail spaces facing High Street have been leased and are no longer available.

The rear of the building is being converted to 2,125 square feet of office space. This space, outlined in green, will be accessible from a new door being added to the north wall of the building, in the new pedestrian alley, across from the patio of Boscoe’s Place, which is the new restaurant in the new Marias building. This space will rent for $1,500 per month. It features a large office area with a kitchenette and a large conference room.

The rear space should be available early in 2021. The minimum initial term for any lease is 36 months. The rent for this area includes water and garbage removal. The tenant will be responsible for gas and electric. All tenants in the building will share restrooms in a common area accessible from all spaces. The front-facing spaces have been leased to retail businesses. The rear space is ideal for a service business such as a medical office, a financial services office, or something similar that doesn’t need street frontage for walk-in traffic. It may also work for the right type of retail tenant.

Anyone interested in leasing the available space should call the Marias Technology office at 937-473-8200 or complete the form on the Contact Us portion of this website.

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